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Bitcoin Fog address - loss of bitcoins

Hi guys,
Okay I know i probably should not have used them, but I have not been tumbling for a very long time so thought that they are still one of the major ones..
I have deposited through their usual old address http://foggeddriztrcar2.onion/ and then I read somewhere that they have moved to a different address?
Does this mean that i have got fucked over and will never see my bitcoins? :(
I really would appreciate any advice from anyone :(
Thank you
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Bitcoin Fog address - loss of bitcoins /r/Bitcoin

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Everyone complaining about the changes to combat RMT and Cheating - these 'fixes' are SUPPOSED to be bandaids!

People have been constantly bitching about the changes: I don't think people realize that the reason it's done in this manner is it's supposed to be band-aid.
It's not nearly as simple to address with complex, intricate solutions as people think.
This thread is what inspired this post, but there are, of course, MANY others.
(Btw if that fucking automod pops up and goes like 'hurr durr the only official way to report cheating is on the forums' I'm gonna neck a fool)

Proposed Solutions by the Community

"people are abusing keytools, SICC cases and such to give buyers multiple high-value keys and bitcoins. perhaps there should be flagging of such accounts that regularly hand out items of these values in tandem with things like extremely high K/D ratios and rapidly increasing net worth."
It's not as simple to 'flag' accounts as people think. It takes time and development resources away from other areas. Despite this, they are working on it.
That's why:
was done. It's an easy to implement band-aid solution. Only takes a few minutes of dev time and hits the means they are using to RMT so that they buy themselves more time.
And realistically these changes aren't fucking up your average player.
"guns like this (VSS/AS VAL) excel at short ranges, where a majority of Tarkov fights tend to occur. given that there's a large variety of firearms in the game, especially those designed for longer ranges, where fog of war and random clutters of items end up making them pretty much useless in the game. perhaps we could open sightlines a bit to give all firearms situational usage (to a reasonable extent)?"
It's almost like the fog was implemented because of massive stuttering. Tarkov already is CPU and GPU intensive. It's in progress of being optimized, but one of the easiest and most effective solution is to add 'fog' inside, to basically cover up that shit isn't being rendered past your fog line.
Even though that's the case, there's STILL loads of scenes in the current maps where there's large open areas. Namely, woods. But woods suck, precisely because of how barren it is. Trees everywhere. Nothing everywhere.
It adds additional cost to running it. Remember, this is a numbers game. I bet you also didn't realize that they nerfed the natural spawn rate of VSS/AS VAL? They're trying to reduce the number in circulation and allow other options to be viable because they're so much cheaper for similar effectiveness. It's called simulating a dynamic economy.
on that note: boss/raider AI
"hey, people are cheesing these raiders and Killa and such with easily exploitable sightlines and hitstun mechanics that make what should be formidable opponents absolutely trivial, but they also do dumb manuevres eg. powersliding into an RPK burst that seem out of line in a realistic FPS, on top of things like arbitrary health buffs. maybe we should make them not so easy to cheese by changing their AI to be more hard, but fair instead of a drugged-up T-800?"
lol because AI is so simple you can just hotfix it in right, it's not like it's literally one of the most complex problems in programming in its entirety and that every fps ever that has bots uses these same techniques to make them difficult through easy but artificial means. (Scaling aimbot, making them tankier, have vision of you, etc)
Basically: It's not that fucking simple. AI is hard. Real hard. If you knew the slightest thing about logic and programming you'd realize that it's almost impossible to create an AI that can actually learn from its circumstances. Instead, you just feed it information and it creates parallels and begins to assign responses, often with human direction, in response to certain behaviors. And that's intensive. And difficult. And not crazy effective.
Instead you basically hard-program their reactions to a handful of scenarios and then give him some artificial scaling to make them a challenge. It's much easier and better time-to-reward ratio.
you get my point. a lot of changes feel either totally arbitrary or don't quite get at fixing the base issue, and instead just push it further back while hurting regular players.
99% of these changes don't hurt the vast majority of players.
How often do you find TWO factory keys in a game? How often do you bring in over 200k roubles if you're not RMTing? How often, do you, the average player, seriously bring in an items case or weapons case to grab weapons? The only people I know of to do that are some streamers near end wipe.
These are SUPPOSED to be band-aids. They're TEMPORARY yet mostly effective solutions while they spend time to create more advanced and specific solutions to counter the cheating and the need that fuels it - RMTing.
So stop your bitching and realize that BSG aren't idiots. They're doing what they can, the best they can, in a really hard scenario and trying to tackle problems that most other developers never address.
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Bitcoin Fog question

Need some input here. About 4 days ago I moved some bitcoin from my FOG account to a Monero XMR wallet. It gave me a receiving address which I provided to the FOG account and FOG instantly deducted my 400 dollar plus amount. I have not seen the bitcoin transferred to my Monero wallet not has it bounced and been returned back to my FOG account. All my bitcoin is simply missing. Could anyone advise on what may have happened and/or how I can track this or seek help?
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Moronic Monday- it's your weekly stupid questions thread!

Hey /SilkRoad, it is time for Moronic Monday! Post your question - stupid or otherwise - here to get an answer. Anyone can post a question and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer. Many questions get submitted late each week that don't get a lot of action, so if your question didn't get answered before, feel free to post it again. I do ask that you refrain from abusing noobs in this thread. Feel free to link to guides, though.
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What do you think about the ''bitcoin revolution"?

I really think it is the light at the end of the tunnel.
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I had $300+ disappear on bitcoin fog today...

I sent $300+ to Bitcoin fog today and 5 hours later it still hasn't showed up. I can see the deposit and that it went to the correct address in I've sent multiple notes to support through the site but no luck so far. The address I'm using is http://foggeddriztrcar2.onion. Anyone else having issues?
Edit: Issue is resolved, hardware problem on their side
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If BitCoin transactions are 100% public, why would anyone use it for illegal transactions?

I owned a BitCoin mining rig, I have done some research on Tor, I understand the distributed nature of BitCoin and I just cannot wrap my head around the recent $1,000,000 Romney tax return extortion. The blackmailers were smart enough to steal some highly coveted documents, but how the hell do they think that BitCoin will help them move the money? BitCoin is distributed and thus all transactions are public record. I can understand small transactions (like those on the silk-road) and the BTC "bank" hacks because no law enforcement will take BTC seriously. If anything BTC only makes it worse because everyone will be watching the blockchain, only law enforcement would be involved in traditional money laundering.
So what the hell, am I missing something or do these people just not understand BitCoin?
Update: Laundry services are not anonymous. I've done some real research on strengthening the anonymity of the Tor network and all of the current services are riddled with newbie mistakes (like random timing, etc). Even quants have a hard time getting this stuff right: if a service cannot provide mathematical proof of it's anonymity guarantee, assume it's not anonymous at all.
The fundamental flaw with all of theses services is their use of a security model designed for nodes that are unable to coordinate with anyone beyond their immediate neighbors (i.e. Tor). BitCoin's transactions are all out in the open, each node knows what the other nodes have done. Even if the entire BTC network adopted a mix net, the number of nodes is small enough that a motivated attacker could easily perform a correlation attack.
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Best bitcoin mixer around ?

Lots of mixers take a percentage of the amount mixed, and that is simply not acceptable.
Passing through MtGox or other exchanges gets your bitcoins mixed at zero fee, but they cannot be trusted to secure −or better erase− the transactions log. mixes for a mBTC 0.4 fee, which is ok, and promises to erase the log when you delete your account. They mix efficiently small amounts, but will give you back your same bitcoins on large amounts −as they still have a small user base.
Do you guys know of any other services providing mixing ?
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Everything I need to know about scaling?

As a total noob I'm trying to collect information about ethereum's so-called scaling problem. I understand that at the moment it supports more tx/s than bitcoin at a lesser cost, but that the tx/s are still significantly less than something like EOS. I've seen references to the fact that etherum has "scaling" problems and that these might be addressed by...plasma? Casper? Something else?
If anybody could help clear up the fog with regard to this concept I'd greatly appreciate it! It seemed like something that might be in the main pinned post but doesn't look to be.
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Anonymously Send and Receive Dogecoin

In a currency that has seen great success for tipping and donation drives it would seem natural that there should be a way to give anonymously. At the same time I can also imagine a situation where the recipient of the tip or donation would also like to keep the amount they have received private.The reasons why people give anonymously are varied but the links below hint at a few reasons why.
Wouldn't an optional annonymous send/receive button be of use to a further update to a Dogecoin wallet ?
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have i lost my coins ?

hi guys,
new to all this, managed to get coins in Bitcoin Fog.onion, got to the "Withdraw" screen then realized that you have to supply e wallet address (assumed that bit would come later), so i decided to generate 2 new addresses from the generate button a little further down the page.
on the right side of the newly generated e wallets were links to the blockchain to check that they have not been used before, no traces of payments/withdraws, so satisfied with the new wallets i then make a note of the address's and total BTC amount, then pressed withdraw (no other relevant info).
Finished, hooray, clean coins to spend, but wait, all i have is the wallet address (the long one) no location to where in the world it is or the password to access the coins, HELP!!, have i been scammed ?, did check the .onion address.
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Homelab collective ressources post!

Hey guys!
I'm fairly new to this sub and to having a home lab in general and I found this community to be so kind and helping, I wanted to give back what I've learned. I'm seeing a lot of questions asked around on improvements and on what to do with x extra hardware so I thought it would be nice to have a thread to regroup that.
I'll put here some stuff I gathered and the most common questions I've seen, feel free to contribute and i'll update the post along.
Latest Additions
Homelab Dashboard
Posts about dashboards have been growing lately and here are some of the best that were kind enough to provide us with their sources.
User Screenshot Source
yours truly
NiknakSi TBA
yourofl10 TBA
mescon & SyNiK4L
Or build yours from scratch: PRTG API, ELK, Grafana, freeboard, JumpSquares
Some other resources: Custom Monitoring Scripts by 0110010001100010
Credits to apt64 for his original post
= Pi specific =
= Download Automation =
= Virtualization =
= Monitoring =
= Media Center =
= Remote access =
= VOIP =
= Networking =
= File Servers/Storage/RAID =
= Cameras =
= Documentation =
= Dynamic DNS =
= Backup =
= Creating network diagrams =
= Guides =
= Misc =
That's all I could come up with on top of my head + some research, passing over to you guys so we can get a nice complete list!
Let's try and stick with free(or mostly) softwares, let me know if you guys feel otherwise.
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Newbie perspective: the core/theymos control of the message is real and effective.

I just bought my first bitcoin a couple months ago. Since then I branched out to some alts, nothing serious.
I never considered buying bitcoin cash because of the constant propaganda against it. It seemed like some cheesy knockoff.
However, I like technical details. So, I read those discussions and whitepapers. I always had confusion regarding segwit. It seemed like a poor choice from a technical perspective. But it did address some problems and the ENTIRE community SEEMED to be for it. So much so, that I thought getting segwit without 2x was a big win for the little guy.
I don't remember I stumbled across this community as many try to censor it. It was just some random post, I think. Anyways, as I said, I like technical details so I start digging around here and WHOA! It was like the fog was lifted and a light turned on.
Everything started to make sense. All of my nagging questions that I chalked up to my lack of understanding.
I only wish I had found this community earlier.
Anyway, I know this probably comes across as some echo chamber post without much content.
But I want you to know:
They do control the message received by the masses. Their spin and propaganda is good. Newbies looking to buy bitcoin first and later get into crypto will get the message everywhere that segwit is good, 2x is bad, and bitcoin cash is a cheap knockoff.
Although, I'd like to think the recent spike in value will open people's eyes, I know their machine won't rest and they will adjust their message to still keep people away.
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Tumbling your coins.

I'm assuming all people tumble their coins before withdrawing (for vendors) or depositing (customers).
What sites do you use? I feel the only legit safe one is Bitcoin fog.
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I just Chased him through a bitcoin tumbler, and when he Came out with 96,000 BTC, I was Waiting for Him...

I've been a very busy boy. All day, we've been chasing the scoundrel with our stolen bitcoins through the blockchain. Around lunchtime (UK), I was chasing him across the roof of a moving train, (metaphorically). I was less than 20 minutes, or 2 blockchain confirmations, behind "Tomas".
He was desperately creating new wallet addresses and moving his 49 retirement wallets through them, but having to wait for 3 or 4 confirmations each time before moving them again. Each time I caught up, I "666"ed him - sent 0.00666 bitcoins to mess up his lovely round numbers like 4,000. Then,all of a sudden, decimal places started appearing, and fractions of bitcoins were jumping from wallet to wallet like grasshoppers on a hotplate without stopping for confirmations.
He was tumbling our stolen bitcoins a second time, and a tumbler is unbeatable....
Unless you guess which one it is, nearly all the coins belong to the person you're tracking, jump in with him, and get jumbled up through the same wallets using the same algorithm. I was hopping from foot to foot shouting "come on!" at my laptop, waiting an age for 6 blockchain confirmations to get 0.5 btc into "bitcoin fog". My half a bitcoin got sliced and diced through loads of wallets and I followed the biggest chunk with - along with 96,000 stolen ones!
I chose the shortest tumbling time - 6 hours - and my half a coin plinked back onto my android phone in dribs and drabs, sparkly and new.
I think he's asleep now in the czech republic. When he awakes, he will see my "666" next to his 96,000 stolen, freshly-laundered bitcoins. Along with lots of insults attached to fragments of bitcoins that I hope you are about to send here:-
Now I've GOT to sleep. I've just chased a thief through a washing machine for you
****EDIT 04/12/2013 the cash has moved continually for days,and I've been chasing it, pulling my trousers down,and depositing 0.000666 into each cash pile above about a million dollars i've found, any empty accounts that I think were important hubs,and a couple of 10 bitcoin "spending money" wallets he uses.
Here is the wallet that I've been chasing him with. Note the balance. He still hasn't given me my bitcoin! He's some kind of sucker for punishment. its cost him millions and uncovered the albion marketplace booty. The most expensive bitcoin in history.
Click the filter to select payments,then you only see my red arrows. Follow the ones that end in 666. You will find yourself standing in a cavernous wallet next to millions of dollars,with doors leading to others. ****17:20GMT,weds 4th Dec. He's siphoning it all through here:-
Its the input trough of a tumbler. If you follow the largest chunk,you catch up to "ZERO CONFIRMATIONS" eventually, but its not him.its a mincer / washing machine. If you do it at night, there is a recombined cash pot at the end of the rainbow. Or you can follow a chunk until it starts to get smaller quickly.Then do "taint analysis" and select "reverse taint". You are halfway through the tumbler, and "reverse taint" can see the output pots where the money has stopped moving.
(When you or I tumble a few bitcoin, it does a better job because it takes somebody else's 2 bitcoins from last week and sends them through as ours. But sheep has too many to do that). Listen to blockchain classics while you follow the money.
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[Monday, February 4 2019] undersea robot just delivered 100,000 baby corals to the Great Barrier Reef; Microsoft preparing to bring Xbox Live to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch; Netflix to Acquire Zac Efron Ted Bundy Movie ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’




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    New research provides evidence that religious and spiritual beliefs lower the risk of depression because they’re associated with changes in white matter microstructure, the communication pathways of the brain, based on brain imaging of family members at high risk for depression.
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    The 'Right to Repair' Movement Is Gaining Ground and Could Hit Manufacturers Hard - The EU and at least 18 U.S. states are considering proposals that address the impact of planned obsolescence by making household goods sturdier and easier to mend.
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    Word clouds and lyric analysis of Maroon 5 albums released 15 years apart illustrates how they have become more "pop" than "rock". [OC] from Instagram @chartrdaily.
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    In the 1930s, Germany supported a terrorist campaign designed to topple the fascist government of Austria, to the extent that it nearly came to war with Italy and Austria. Why were the Nazis so violently opposed to what should have been an ideologically compatible regime?


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    A free, online graphing calculator with lots of Finance customizable formulas
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    TIL that the NFL made a commitee to falsify information to cover up brain damage in their players
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    Atleast the Dallas Stars did Spongebob right
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    The “Goth Chicken”, Ayam Cemani. This chicken is all dark, even its bones and internal organs
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    Any love for baby coral? These are being transplanted en masse via a sea-robot to repair the Great Barrier Reef. They grow slow, 0.5-1 inch per year on average. It can take 10,000 years to grow into a reef.
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Everyday we’ll feature a selected small subreddit and its top content. It's a fun way to include and celebrate smaller subreddits.

Today's subreddit is...


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    Is your dumb kid sad because nobody bullies them? Fuckin' glue some paint to their head
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    Jim forgave his wife for her one-time affair but he would be damned if he had to treat that kid the same as his own.
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    Look at how distraught Megan is! This is what it will feel like if Net Neutrality dies. Don't let the FCC make you like Megan!
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I'm really bad with this, please help a noob

Ok so i verified my bank account with coinbase. Now I will buy the coins and then send it to bitcoin fog. Then somehow i will put that amount into my smp account.
Troubling part for me is that I've never actually bought bitcoins before so i dont know how to send it to another place like bitcoin fog and then trace it back to smp.
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Whats the difference between a routing address and a deposit address?

Im still new when it comes to bitcoins and I found a place that will send them to my "routing address" but on SM under my account, I only have a deposit address. Are those the same things or do I have to create/buy/whatever a routing address to route the money to the deposit address? I dont want to do this wrong and I hope its not too stupid a question ~__~
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9/12 New Fear of God x Vans, Off-White x VaporMax/AJ1, Other Products, and More!

Hey Bros,

I hope you are having a good day. A few announcements for you.

New Products

Firstly, for the JerryBois and "fans" "of" "Virgil" out there, we are happy to announce we have some new products available! All prices listed include shipping via DHL/EMS, and are for CC payment. You can deduct 7% off this if paying with WU/MG, and another $10 with coupon code "Appreciate"! Products are as follows:

Payment Update

We are proud to offer Bitcoin! Contact us on skype or WhatsApp for the address. We still offer Western Union (7% off), MoneyGram (7% off), CC, PayPal gift (return customers only), and TaoBao agent (22% off). To review the ordering guide for TaoBao agent orders, Click Here.
Lastly, SS v2 pics should be ready within the week. Looking like Zebra will be first. They will be posted, and your honest feedback will be very appreciated! We use this to improve the quality of the shoes. You can also expect a giveaway as well very soon 😏. Also, reminder to use code "Appreciate" at checkout for $10 off all orders! This stacks with payment method discounts as well! I appreciate all of you and your input and thoughts. Even the negative feedback and hate posts. We use this as motivation to get better. I will not give up.
That's all for today.
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Bitcoin fog not updating balance /r/Bitcoin

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I'm a long time lurker wanting to make a first ever Bitcoin purchase in Peru. Please, help me find the best method (that is an option for me) to do so as soon as possible (Don't worry about the lenght of the post, there's a sort of TL;DR version explained in the first paragraph).

Good whatever it is wherever you guys are. I tried posting in BitcoinBeginners but for some reason several hours have passed and it has not being approved, the mods don't respond so I thought maybe try out here, pardon if it's a little bit out of place. Anyhow, I need your help to make my first bitcoin purchase and so I have extensevely wrote about my specific situation, in order to get the TL;DR version just jump trhough the texts to where BOLD letters are used followed by the main points of what I wrote and where I straight-fowardly asks the questions I need asnwers to, which will be in ITALIC, the rest is only if you were to need more information as to provide me with a more complete asnwer.
I'm currently in Lima, Peru and want to buy the equivalent of PEN 10,000.00 (which is roughtly US$ 3,100) in Bitcoins. I have around half of that in US$ on a bank account/VISA debit card and the other half I would take it in PEN from another bank account/other VISA debit card. I don't mind either way and can exchange either currency for the other but I guess I would prefer to buy the Bitcoins fully in dollars if I were to do the transaction with a person (making it so quite likely just one currency accepted to avoid extra hassle) given that the value of the dollar here right now is relatively low. And as far as I can tell there are three methods avalible which would be fitting in my situation, those being using cash on a ATM Bitcoin Machine, either a cash face-to-face exchange/a cash deposit to the bank account of a reputable user on Mycelium/LocalBitcoins, or contactintg someone who offers a better price through one of the national Bitcoin Facebook/Meetup groups and trying to get that person to agreed on doing the exchange using LocalBitcoins because of their escrow sytem and general reliability when handling disputes as a sort of guarantee for the both of us.
Up until now I never had my identity formally linked in any way with cryptocurrencies and very much would like it to stay that way, meaning that annonymity is number one priority to me regarding this subject. I do not want anyboby being able to demostrate I bought/owned Bitcoins, need to be sure that my current purchase won't in any way affect any possible future trade for other crytocurrency such a Monero using and then maybe on another exchange like Kraken back to Bitcoin or the use of a tumbler like Bitcoin Fog as I don't want anybody to have some prove that I used them to buy a Baby Jesus Butt Plug from a Darknet Market. Having that aspect completly covered my second requirement to proceed is that the way I end up going about it doesn't hinged my safety from theft, whether I eventually put the coins on a personal wallet like Ledger Nano S with U2F or a hardware wallet like Electrum on a USB with TAILS, I need confirmation that, say, having them first just on the Mycelium/LocalBitcoins wallet (even maybe without 2FA if tablets can't be used for that) after buying them from someone won't put them on danger. And lastly, I want a good deal.
I also sort of need however I were to do this now to be reasonably easy and fast with the tools of my disposal at the moment (no phone, only several laptops and an Android tablet) so as to not requiring me to wait more to feel like I have the correct OPSEC/setup in order to finally get into Bitcoin. Having been involved with cryptocurrencies for a over 7 years and never having actually bought any, the last thing I want is to once again tell myself any excuse so as to keep procastinating with it, much less right now with the current decrease in price. After this 'investment', in the next couple of months I will keep on adding some more and probably want to sell some of it too in order to gather some experience and also it is of my interest to purchase pretty large quantities of various specific research chemicals, which even though are completly legal in my country to own, I do not think I have to explain why I would want to keep such activity as realistically untraceable as possible. I am deeply informed on the legal aspect, but regardless, just because I am completly prepared for any particular inconvenience doesn't mean that I would want to find myself inconvenienced.
So just to sum up:
Apart from all the awfully set up bitcoin exchange websites which don't provide any reason to trust them there seems to be few different ways of obtaining bitcoins here, but given that I have a set of prerequisites the list of options get shortened. As privacy is key I am conditioned to buy the coins in a such way that doesn't ask from me any sort of idendity verification that could formally link me to it or can leave a loose end, so that would leave out purchasing the coins interntionally or using my debid cards/bank accounts nor any online payment, but rather using cash face-to-face exchange/a cash deposit to a bank account. A perfect solution seems to be the only Bitcoin ATM Machine in my country which according to this website is a General Bytes model called BATMTwo of a very simple system, just like it can be seeing in several videos on Youtube, in which the sole authenticaton is by scanning a QR code from the app of my Bitocin wallet (or even just the QR code printed), it doesn't require an ID, fingerprint and the machine doesn't even have a camera. Sadly, I contacted the owner of the machine and so it seems the service is currently suspended. Out of the remaininng posibilities I have a couple of constant doubts which I need to resolve in order to know what is more convenient and what steps to follow.
Of the methods I will list I need to know:
-Process: Create wallet on the Mycelium app in my tablet, choose a vendor, negociate and set up a price which will be respected as it was established when the transaccion is first submitted, pay in cash, get the bitcoins transfered to my wallet and seller will receive the key of our transaction which I will need to have on me at the moment to confirm the exchange has being completed.
-Prices: Wheter they accep either cash or bank deposists is not specified, but from what I have read everyone should accept cash. At the moment there's literally three accounts selling in my city, and it appears none of them have a reputation as none of them have ever made a sell or purchase... not very trustworthy.
Mycelium's feature "Local Trader", from the get go doesn't inspire me much confidence as it is an App, and I'm not very well versed in how to stay anonymous using mobile devices other than laptops, from what to have installed in them to how to protect myself from the dangers of public wi-fi. The reason why I even consider a method which I don't feel quite confortable with is that as far as I comprehend I can pay with cash on a face-to-face exchange or a cash deposit to a bank account, the only two methods I have understood would be adequate for me, that the prices I have found are drastically better than those on LocalBitcoins and they can even be negociated, plus it works instantly and is wildly considered to be secure. Now, while the process doesn't provide escrow, "the seller does not need to put funds into escrow; they are spent directly from his Mycelium Wallet" which is advertised as a positive characteristic that I can't see how it would benefit me (the buyer), nor am I sure what it even means. An finally while I do know that apart from the agreed price a 0.2% fee goes to the app I don't know if that means it would be taken from the already made transacction or if it is an extra expense charged to me, plus it doesn't seem to be a way of setting the exchange rate at the moment of agreeing on the trade rather than letting the value fluctuate until our meeting and getting fucked, or am I in the wrong?
- Process: Create wallet on the LocalBitcoins website, choose a vendor, ask him/her to check the correct 'Floating Price' set so as to establish the price of the exchange at that moment, the escrow will hold the funds, pay in cash, get the bitcoins transfered to my wallet and seller will receive the key of our transaction which I will need to have on me at the moment to confirm the exchange has being completed.
- Prices: This interface is much more clear and specific, however the lowest prices are way beyond anything that I could of have expected... let alone those of the three sellers who accept cash. That being said, almost all of the reputations are of absolute excelence and some with high quantity of transacciones, of course that was to be expected given that those who sell in my country are few people, and everyone would be turning up to them.
Given that the ATM machine is currently not operating, from what my limited knowledge indicates, LocalBitcoins should be my prefered course of action, that is if all the prices listed in my country weren't insanely high. If I'm not mistaking the value listed by the seller is no open for discussion but there is also no side fee I have to take into consideration, being so that what is listed is what I will have to pay. An while once again price is a problem with this method, there are sellers who will accept either a face-to-face exchange or a cash deposit to a bank account, only problem being that those are precily the ones who provide the worst exchange rates. Because of their escrow system so long as the two of us comply with the meeting pretty much once the transaccion is set up the funds of the seller have being 'separated' and is in the best interest of both for the purchase to take place. But, one thing I don't have clear is regarding the 'Floating Price' checkbox, the way I see it, and this is very important to me, I want the price of the bitcoins I'm buying to be determined at the time the trade is first submitted, that way actively choosing what exchange rate we will deal with, AND NOT when the coins are released, as if that were the case the price could change leaving me with a deal out of my control. So can this be indicated by me (the buyer), or is it up to the seller because (s)he's the only one capable of controlling that option?, and, if I were to ask him/her to set it up, should I ask to turn that option on or off? (I don't know what way would be the correct).
Another option I have to avoid the exchange rates I have shown you is to contact someone who offers a better price through one of the national Bitcoin Facebook/Meetup groups and trying to get that person to agreed on doing the exchange using LocalBitcoins because of their escrow sytem and general reliability when handling disputes as a sort of guarantee for the both of us, as I indicate at the very begining of the post. Cosntantly on the Facebook groups there's users posting about wanting to sell Bitcoins for a much lower price that in Mycelium and LocalBitcoins, some even below market value for X reason, and although of course going fully private without any exchange platform would be too dangerous, not only can I suggest to use one but I can find those persons who are of high reputation in the Bitcoin comunity in my country and are deeply involved in bringing this technology here and ask those people if they happen to be selling Bitcoins. In order to do so I would need to look trough several pages of posts in this groups, use some Google-fu to find out who are the ones who arrange the Meetups and other reunions about Bitcoins. Tedious, but a possibility nonetheless. If you guys happen to know of someone like that in my country maybe poitning me in that direction could be very helpful.
Beyond that all I have left if the exchange platforms indicated in this and this pages, but I have to say I already spent all afeternoon visiting each website and App reading about the steps to purchase Bitcoins in each of them and not only are cash face-to-face really not given as options in any but some are simply confusing or seem like a bad idea. Not to metion a couple even supposedly offer under market value pricing, but just in case if anyone had anything positive to say about them, here are the ones that aren't just obsolite links: CEX.IO, SatoshiTango, Bitex, Paxful, 247Exchange, Xapo, bitINKA, SurBTC, Circle, CambistaBitcoin and the listing for Bitcoin of the South American version of Ebay, MercadoLibre. By the way, I have said that privacy is very important to me, but I have also being extremely descriptive of what I'm doing and plan to do, so just in case anyone is wondering not only am I posting this from an IP address not related to me but also nothing that I have wrote is incriminating in any way, constitutes a crime or make so that I can be persecuted for it, and even if under any strange circunstances I had to, I havethe equivaent of what american refeer to as plausible deniability to defend myself given that all of this can be of course considered hypothetic. Just thought I would put it there.
Thank you very much for reading and I hope someone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
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