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Hi investors! I am sure many of you have heard about crypto currencies but I am here to answer any questions you may have. Every question will be rewarded with Quarkcoins, a faster, cheaper alternative to Bitcoin

As the title states, I am here to answer any questions you may have about investing in crypto currencies. In particular Quarkcoin, serious question will be rewarded with a small amount of QRK to get you started :)
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/r/bitcoin is trying to warn its noobies about "The scam behind QuarkCoin"

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Altcoin:Views worlds first to accept ANY #altcoins for Advertising Payment #bitcoin #litecoin #quarkcoin #BTC #LTC

Altcoin:Views worlds first to accept ANY #altcoins for Advertising Payment #bitcoin #litecoin #quarkcoin #BTC #LTC submitted by bitcoinviews to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

Altcoin:Views worlds first to accept ANY #altcoins for Advertising Payment #bitcoin #litecoin #quarkcoin #BTC #LTC

Altcoin:Views worlds first to accept ANY #altcoins for Advertising Payment #bitcoin #litecoin #quarkcoin #BTC #LTC submitted by bitcoinviews to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

BiteBTC exchange has robbed me 370 000 ReddCoins

BiteBTC exchange has robbed me 370 000 ReddCoins
I found old hard drives that were in the cell and accidentally discovered that I had a wallet with ReddCoins - the cryptocurrency of the Reddit community. Due to my inattention, I lost over 90% of its contents. That's why I decided to warn everyone who would like to register on This exchange market is just plain crooks, and the number of victims can be counted in at least hundreds of people.

Swapping ReddCoin with Ether

2019-05-02 Thursday

I was looking for an exchange market to send there ReddCoins I mined and swap them for Ether.

In the years 2014-16 I mined many altcoins like DogeCoin, LiteCoin, LeafCoin, SolarCoin, QuarkCoin and other unusual. I used various exchange markets and never got cheated. I always checked before sending my coins to anyone. This time I checked too few sources.

I found information about that there I can exchange pairs RDD/ETH on both website: and

At this time on was information about fire building in company in Singapure. It's been over a year since the event, the stock exchange is still functioning and is still on and, I decided it was not SCAM.

I registered with the Full KYC procedure, i.e. I sent a personal ID scan and a regular letter on which my address is displayed.

Confirmation that the account is fully active I received after minutes.

Sending ReddCoins to BiteBTC

2019-05-03 Friday

I send 120k RDD on wallet.

After exchanging them for about 1 ETH, I made the procedure for withdrawing funds to my wallet and sent a request to the support team how long I’ll be waiting for approval of the withdrawal.

I received an answer after minutes.
This answer convinced me and I decided to send more, it was 350k RDD.

Total I send 470 000 ReddCoins.

Link to my wallet

Link to BiteBTC wallet

Then I exchanged the major part for Eteher and I made the next withdrawal procedures. In total, I setted withdrawal around 4.5 ETH (I have no confirmation in any form).

Account temporarily blocked

2019-05-04 Saturday

I received an email from the support team that my account was temporarily blocked and to unlock I’ve to send additional information about the funds I sent to
From now, contact has stopped.

The support does not respond to any e-mail sent from me, and I sent them lots of e-mails.

My account in part is active, but I don’t have access to Ethereum, which I wanted to send.

Subpages like Verification, Balances, Orders history, Trades history, Transactions history, API keys, Settings czy Coin Redistribution are blocked and only you can see Profile page.

On the subpage where you can exchange the cryptocurrency, I can see the rest that was after setting the withdrawal procedure.
There are 0.14102608 ETH and 93260.01418987 RDD. However, I can not exchange, the message pops up that the account is not fully activated.

I started looking for more information about this exchange and found other victims on Telegram groups.

Scammed by Bitebtc 102 signed

Bitebtc claim group 281 signed

If you have been blocked, cheated or robbed by, join them.

As of today, the stock exchange is doing well

2019-05-09 Thursday

Following pages they have no information about the

But just look at,,, or

Print screens are from 2019-05-11, below.

Petition removing BiteBTC from
I invite to fill but not only the victims!
Mark-Anthony Johnson 112 signed

About the owners of, which not exist

2019-05-10 Friday
I have collected more information about
The company's name is First Finance LLC located on Seychelles.
I did not find a new company address.

Earlier, the company was called FinanceFirst Pte. Ltd and was located in Singapore.

Owners of FinanceFirst Pte. Ltd, which is an investment company from Singapore and manages blog called, denies that it was the owner of the website.

*Investment Stab is Singapore-based financial blog that aims to educate people on personal finance, investments, retirement and their Central Provident Fund (CPF) matters.*


This domain was registered for URL Solutions Inc (Panama).

SSL Certificate Checker

The hostname ( is correctly listed in the certificate.
Server Type: cloudflare

DNS records

NS, A and AAAA records which are responsible for displaying the content of the website are directed to servers from Cloudflare Inc (US).

E-mail support

MX records responsible for sending e-mails from support are directed to servers from Host Europe GmbH (DE).

The headers sent from the e-mail address [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) contain information about the server from which the message came. From domain with IP

More about

Other articles about scam exchange.

  • BiteBTC Responds to Accusations of Faking Trading Volume (13.09.2018)

  • BiteBTC Crypto Exchange Claims Data Center Caught On ‘Fire’: A Proof Of Keys Ignited Exit Scam? (7.01.2019)

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  • BiteBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange Again Inaccessible, The nightmare continues Despite BTC Rise (10.04.2019)

  • Bitcoin Exchange Suffers Trader Backlash Months After Suspicious ‘Fire’ (25.04.2019)

Looking forward

2019-05-20 Monday
I reported to the police that I was deceived by the exchange (Article 286 PKK).

EN: The BiteBTC exchange has robbed me of a cryptocurrency
PL: Giełda BiteBTC okradła mnie z kryptowaluty
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The scam behind QuarkCoin

OK I know this isn't bitcoin related but with all the noobs looking on, I felt the urge to debunk what's behind QuarkCoin before any noobs on cryptocurrencies get hurt. I did a break down here: (I know this is irrelevant to bitcoin but please, don't downvote it for the sake of the newbies investors)
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Helix -​ A Cutting Edge, Anonymized, PoS with Masternode Technology Cryptocurrency.

Helix -​ A Cutting Edge, Anonymized, PoS with Masternode Technology Cryptocurrency.
You can contact us at: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
  • Name: Helix
  • Ticker: HLIX
  • Public Address
  • Prefix: H
  • Algorithm:
  • QuarkPort: 37415
  • Block Time: 60 seconds
  • Maturity: 50 confirmations
  • Mineable: Yes (first 3%)
  • Stake-able: Yes (remaining 97%)
  • Max Coin Supply: 500.000.000
  • ICO: No!​

Wallet releases:

-a quark -o stratum+tcp:// -u your_wallet_address -p c=HLIX (1% fee) (Recommended pool)
-a quark -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p c=HLIX (0.5% fee)

CPU miner: CPUminer-multi
cpuminer-gw64-corei7 -a quark -o stratum+tcp:// -u your_wallet_address -p c=HLIX
AMD miner: Sgminer
-k quarkcoin -o stratum+tcp:// -u your_wallet_address -p c=HLIX
NVIDIA miner: CCminer
ccminer-x64 -a quark -o stratum+tcp:// -u your_wallet_address -p c=HLIX


Helix has numerous features. Remember that this list is not limited, and that we will always work hard to add new features:
  • Fast and secure transactions.
  • Strong privacy with options for both private and transparent transactions.
  • Rewards for participating in the Helix network. This includes Proof of Stake (PoS) as well as the possibility for masternode rewards.
  • Participating in governance and voting in important matters that concern the whole community.
  • Multi-OS wallets: Windows, MacOS, Linux, and many more to come.
  • Very easy access to all our features and wallets.
  • We will continue to work hard on making Helix grow, check out our roadmap for details.
We believe in empowering individuals by creating a strong community. We give freedom back to the people by using our strong Helix blockchain network and decentralized technology. This allows people to do business without the compromise of being subject to surveillance by centralized or legal institutions.

​Proof of Stake

Bitcoin uses a cryptographic hashing algorithm to encode the transactions in the blockchain. Miners create these hashes by using a ‘Proof of Work’ (PoW) algorithm. The network hashrate is actually inflating as it requires a lot of power to create a new block in its blockchain.
Unlike Bitcoins PoW mechanism, Helix blockchain uses a hybrid system. The first 90.200 blocks are PoW, and after this period we switch to a PoS mechanism. The rewards a user receives depends on the amount of stake the participant has in the Helix network. The more you participate in validating and processing Helix transactions and its blocks, the more rewards you receive. Therefore, it’s incentivized to invest in Helix as a valuable core product.


The value of Helix lies in its main vision: building a secure and scalable currency. Therefore, Helix implemented masternodes, which can be used to earn more Helix by passive income to increase your holdings with a great risk/reward ratio. A masternode costs 10.000 HLIX and gives a ROI of 60%.
Masternodes are enhanced nodes that are always up and running, which provide additional functions and security to the Helix network. Masternodes provide an enhanced form of staking, increase the privacy and speed of transactions and enables participation in governance and voting within the Helix community. A Helix masternode processes Zerocoin (zHLIX) transactions which ensures topnotch privacy (more about this subject under ‘Privacy’).


Helix believes in true and strong privacy. Bitcoins transactions are traceable for anyone who’s interested to find out. A high degree of privacy doesn’t allow this potential loss of privacy. That’s why Helix implemented the Zerocoin protocol. For detailed information about Zerocoin, read their whitepaper.
For this service, Helix coins have to convert into a zHLIX coin. This process, called ‘minting’, is provided by masternodes running on the Helix Blockchain. No traces are left behind during this process. RSA-2048 encryption makes sure no information about the users is shared whatsoever. To reverse this process, you can send your zHLIX coins to your own address back into regular HLIX coins.

Coin information

Helix is founded on September 1st 2018. A total coin supply of 500.000.000 HLIX will be created, with a functional pre-mine of 1% (5.000.000 HLIX). This will be used for marketing, development and exchange listing fees. The first period will exist of a PoW phase (10.000.000 HLIX), followed by a PoS phase (485.000.000 HLIX).
The following table show the coin specifications:
The following table shows the block rewards. They adjust after a certain amount is reached, to control inflation of the supply of Helix:


The community started with a couple of early adopters who were unhappy about the way some projects were run by its developers. No innovation or vision whatsoever made us motivated to create something better. Since Helix did not have an ICO and only started with a functional pre-mine of 1%, it’s really thanks to the true core believers who put in their time and effort that made Helix a reality.
We aim to provide 24/7 support, and we believe in a community who help each other out. Positivity and fun should be your top priority as a Helix community member. In accordance to this, we created the Helix masternode governance system to bring back the power to the people. By letting you decide on important matters, you’re in control of your investment.

Join us!

More people are joining every day and we hope this growth won’t stop. Don’t feel afraid to join us and introduce yourself. We’re looking forward to meet you!
With the upcoming years ahead of us, we believe that exciting things will happen. Helix is a premium privacy ¬centric cryptocurrency, with strong features resulting in a decentralized, effectively anonymous cryptocurrency, with immediate (private) transactions and an incentivized network to provide additional services and security to the blockchain network of Helix. We will continue to work hard on the project, and hope to see you join us.
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[Guide] No hardware to mine? How to net 6,000+Ð/day using Windows Azure

Inspired by lleti 's free guide for using Amazon Web Services. However, from what I understand due to rental costs, it is more efficient to buy doge directly than use AWS. This guide is based on utilizing the $200 credit that comes with the Windows Azure cloud computing free trial, so you will not pay anything.
This is targeted at shibes with poor hardware that can only mine 50-200 doge per day, but it will work for everyone.
Disclaimer: Doge rate is an estimate based on current difficulties and market. Windows Azure trial may be US only (?)
Overview / How it works
You will not be mining doge directly with this method. Mining doge effeciently requires a GPU, which aren't found in traditional servers. Instead, we will be using the powerful CPUs provided with Windows Azure servers to mine a CPU based crypto-currency, such as QuarkCoin or SecureCoin, and convert those to doge.
1) Install your QRK or SRC wallet
Ideally if you are reading this, you have installed a dogecoin-qt wallet for yourself before. We will need to do the same for either QuarkCoin or SecureCoin. This is the wallet where will will send the coins you mine with your Windows Azure servers.
These are not the only CPU coin options, but QRK and SRC are very similar (same hash function) and simple to mine.
Once you have installed the wallet, it should look very similar to your DogeCoin wallet. If you have trouble downloading the blockchain ('out of sync'), look at these threads respectively to see which nodes you need to add to your config file. Config files are located at C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\CoinName.conf on Windows.
2) Set up a mining pool account
If you have joined a mining pool for DogeCoin, it will be a very similar experience for other alt coins. See the following bitcointalk threads which have a list of mining pools:
If you would like a pool recommendation, I can recommend and; this is from personal experience, I am not affiliated with them.
Once you are logged in you should also create 3 workers, as we will be setting up 3 servers, one for each server. So you should have 3 worker names, and a password set up for each worker.
3) Sign up for Windows Azure free trial
You will have to provide a valid credit card and verify your account with a cell phone so they know you are a real person. This is a Microsoft product so they are reputable. Once you sign up, you will receive a $200 to use in 30 days. Remember to cancel when your credits are running out so they don't charge you.
4) Create Windows Server instances
I would recommend you watch this video which walks you through the UI of the Windows Azure management site to set up the virtual machines we need. Essentially we are going to do the following:
Thus we have a total of 20 CPU cores to mine QRK / SRC with. We want the the most CPU power we can get without excessively burning our $200 credit. That's why 2008 R2 is used, and only 3 instances of it.
5) Remotely connect to servers and download miner
This section is also covered in the video from section 4, watch it for a visual walkthrough.
Once the servers have been initialized on Microsoft's end, we should be able to access them under 'Virtual Machines' at You should see each host name and a status, and when selected there should be an additional 'Connect' button - click it.
You should now be prompted to download a .rdp file. Download this for each of your 3 virtual machines to a folder you will remember. You will open this .rdp file and use the login credentials you previously specified to connect to each server.
Once you are remotely connected, you should see the desktop. Open up the first icon on the taskbar that looks like a server, this is your server manager. We need to open up the 'Configure IE ESC' setting that's visible on this pane. Make sure 'Off' is selected for both admins and users on the IE ESC configuration.
Now, open up the IE browser and navigate to Press Ctrl + S to download the entire zip to the desktop, and un-zip it.
6) Configure and start miner
Again, this is pretty much covered in the video from section 4, if you prefer watching.
You should now have a folder on your server's desktop named quark-v2_w64. This is the miner for both QRK and SRC. We are going to be using minerd64_sse4.exe. Create a shortcut to minerd64_sse4.exe within the same folder. We now need to add the parameters for your miner.
Right click on your minerd64_sse4.exe shortcut -> Properties. Look at the target field, it should look like this:
We are going append the following format to this target field
-a quark -t 8 -o stratum+tcp:// -u user.worker -p password
-a: algorithm, both SRC and QRK use 'quark'
-t: number of cores (so either 8 or 4 for our purposes)
-o: mining pool information (url and port).
-u: account you have for your mining pool, then a period, then a worker name
-p: password that you created for the worker in step 2
So here is an example of what the target field of your shortcut should look like when you are done:
C:\Users\Nexic\Desktop\quark-v2_w64\minerd64_sse4.exe -a quark -t 8 -o stratum+tcp:// -u Nexic.worker1 -p pass1
7) Profit!!
If you set up your miners correctly on each Windows Server VM (I prefer to assign a separate worker to each one), you should be able to run them and see an output like this: You can close your remote sessions without interrupting it.
How do you get the doge, you ask? Well, using the above setup I have earned 10 SecureCoins in the past 2 days. These are worth 0.00094 bitcoins (BTC) on Cryptsy at present. A doge is worth 0.0000007 BTC at present, so if I go from SRC -> BTC -> DOGE, I can turn 5 SRC to 6,642 DOGE on Cryptsy. There are also other exchanges, I won't go into how to exchange coins on this post. Remember, this is every day for about a week, for free!
Also, you can CPU mine on your own personal computers as well, not just the servers.
Mine QuarkCoin / SecureCoin using Windows Azure free trial, use Cryptsy (or other exchange) to convert to DOGE. Much more efficient than CPU mining Doge.
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My girlfriend came to me...

My girlfriend came to me a bit in tears: "I feel like only Bitcoin means anything to you...".
I looked at her and said: "No way, there are still Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin and maybe also Dogecoin."
Then she started crying.
Not sure if she bought Quarkcoins or what?
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[Shibenomics 101] Market Cap? GDP? PPP? Moon???

So there's been an unbelievable multitude of threads ranging from "Shibes, is Ð1 = $1 possible?" to "Shibes, Ð1 can never be $1, stop dreaming."
first of all, never tell a shibe not to dream.
second of all, much much more than the ratio of dogecoins to bitcoins to dollars determines the exchange rate of a currency, and that is the subject of today's shibenomics lesson.
Everyshibe has probably heard of GDP, but to define it very quickly - the gross domestic product is the value of all goods and services produced in an economy over a period of time. Normally, GDP is calculated per year, but for the analysis in this article and dogecoin in general, i find it more constructive to think of GDP per day.
Now, how can we possibly find out what the GDP of dogecoin is? The USD has a whole bureau of economic analysis to do that and they still get it wrong half the time...
Herein lies one of the many beauties of the blockchain. The block chain is like a public ledger of every transaction in dogecoin, EVER - which means we can just find the last block with a transaction on Wednesday, January 15th, and the last block with a transaction on Thursday, January 16th, and every transaction in between is part of the GDP for Jan 16th.
note: shibes already versed in economics will point out that some of these transactions may not be for goods and services, but rather conversions from USD or BTC, and some of them may be double counted because they are buying an ingredient for something they plan to sell later for more dogecoins - these objections are somewhat correct, but systematically overestimating GDP means you can still measure GDP change over time, which is what we're really concerned about, and conversions from other currencies are our equivalent of exports
So, as of now, our GDP on January 16th was a whopping 46,793,497,531 DOGE ($18,078,761 USD). Before you object about pay-it-forward threads and tipping and such, let me remind you - tips are a micro-transaction for a service (the service of making you smile :) ) and pay-it-forward threads are the shibe version of state-sanctioned lottery - which is the service of gambling. Now, gambling and entertainment an economy do not make, but 18 million dollars is a pretty big deal. Only bitcoin, litecoin, and quarkcoin have higher GDPs per day than dogecoin, and among those only dogecoin has a reasonably sustainable average transaction value (~$200 vs >$8000).
Ok, so now we know dogecoin has a GDP, and that shibes can feel pretty good about it. Even more impressive, dogecoin GDP has grown from $6.74 million on December 18th to $18 million today - 3.22% per day - at current growth rates, our GDP this time next year would be $1.78 TRILLION (11% of the US economy). Now this is probably unsustainable, but even growing at 20% of our current growth rate for a year would leave us only behind bitcoin in GDP per day.
Now let's consider market cap - the first thing that is striking about dogecoin isn't that its 6th most valuable in terms of market cap - its that dogecoin is the only crypto who's GDP exceeds its market cap, and that too by a whopping 62%. This means that for every 1 dogecoin you spent today, 61.7% of that dogecoin was passed on, and then passed on again, and so on. The velocity of money in the doge economy is ludicrous, and it confers a high degree of stability unto our economy, so kudos all around! A fast velocity of money not only helps fight changes in prices, it also makes it possible to post very high GDP numbers without having a large monetary base.
Apart from this, its also worthwhile to note that our market cap in USD has grown by around 3.6% per day, while the number of dogecoins added to circulation grows by around 2% per day - so despite all the mining, dogecoin has been appreciating in value quite rapidly in value.
On a more theoretical note, it is worth spending a moment to consider PPP (purchasing power parity). In high school economics, PPP means that a big mac in the United States should cost the same amount of real value as a big mac in China, and that the exchange rates will move to reflect that reality. In reality, PPP is more of a goal than a law - it's pretty hard to buy a big mac in China and bring it to the United States so that you get your food cheaper at lunch. In cryptoworld, however, PPP is the law - a bitcoin must cost the same amount in litecoins, dollars, and dogecoins, and the exchange rates will change to reflect that. PPP has so far been strongly determined by the BTC, LTC, DOGE triangle, as there is still not a large volume USD/DOGE exchange to allow arbitrage between the USD/BTC/DOGE (arbitrage is the force that makes PPP a law). Thankfully, a DOGE/USD exchange is probably just around the corner, and so soon we should see DOGE/USD and DOGE/BTC stabilize a bit because of this.
PPP also extends to the world of mining - a kh/s mined on one currency will try to be worth as much as a kh/s mined on another currency - the best example of this is multipool. Right now, it is highly profitable to mine dogecoins because of the strong economy & exchange rate and the low block difficulty, compared to other alt coins relatively weak exchange rates and higher difficulties. Each coin has a predetermined global hash rate it will support based on its coin reward and target block time, and uses the difficulty to keep the reward & timing schedule intact.
What this means is that as more miners work on dogecoin, it becomes less profitable to mine doge unless its value relative to the other cryptos goes up - and this is the cause for the cycles of highs and lows we see in DOGE/BTC. These cycles will probably not stop after the February 14th block halving, but they will be occuring at higher and higher valuations.
It's a point of shibe pride to mention that of all the cryptos, dogecoin probably has the least wealth concentration - the top 100 transactions in dogecoin are only 3.15% of the daily transaction value, whereas for other currencies that number can reach near 50%.
In conclusion, it'll probably be disappointing to hear that I have no clue where DOGE/USD or DOGE/BTC will be in a week, much less when it will hit 1 dogecoin per 1 USD. What I can say, and what should be evident from the numbers, is that dogecoin is developing a strong economic foundation unlike any of the other altcoins, and is much less seedy than bitcoin's early economy. Some of the core difficulties of dogecoin going forward are going to be maintaining our ludicrous velocity of money, which means finding and developing new markets for tipping, diversifying our economy away from mainly tipping while keeping a focus on micro-transactions, and creating a more effective store of value besides hoarding coins in a wallet or giving them away in PIF threads and waiting for them to come back.
statistics used in this article are available on:
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what do you think is the next big cryptocurrency?

I've been looking into a number of different cryptocurrencies to invest in, and the ones that stick out as (what seem like) good investments are quarkcoins and worldcoins. I'm just getting into this, however. I knew about bitcoins when they were worth under $10/btc, and I kick myself for not buying $500 worth of them. I'm looking to avoid that again.
what's y'all's opinion on the next big cryptocurrency?
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Ceramic Dogecoin Chips! Such quality, much ceramic, very affordable.

I run a site called it isn't a gambling site, it's a marketplace for amazingly high quality ceramic chips. The chips have custom designs and logos for over 25+ different crypto currencies. And can be purchased and paid for using crypto directly on the website.
Price: $3 USD (in crypto only)
I currently offer free shipping within the USA, and for international orders the shipping is usually under $3 USD!
Chip Details
How to order
Ordering can be done on the site directly.
  1. Choose the style of chip you want and set the quantity on each.
  2. Press the "Buy" button.
  3. Select payment type. (Reddcoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin)
  4. Confirm and update any quantities for the different styles.
  5. Press the "Check Out" button.
  6. Enter your shipping information
  7. Press the "Complete Order" button.
  8. Pay the specified amount to the unique address provided to you. (Payments require 4 confirmations)
  9. Save the status link so you can come back later and see when it ships.
  10. Enjoy your new poker chips!
International orders
Most international orders of 4 or less chips can be shipped for about $3 USD. If you would like to order you can follow the same steps as in the "How to order" section, but instead of putting your address in the address fields, put "INTERNATIONAL" and then then put your address in the notes section.
For international orders of more than 4 chips please use the contact link on the purchase page. We can work out the pricing over email. Or PM me on reddit yakpimp
Chip Styles
. . .
Dogecoin Darkcoin Reddcoin
Vertcoin Blackcoin Quarkcoin
Litecoin Razorcoin Nextcoin
Bitcoin Reddit Vericoin
Poker Shibe Nautilus Pinkcoin
Lunar Shibe Unobtanium Syscoin
Rocket Shibe Viacoin IOCoin
Stealthcoin Teslacoin Monerocoin
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Why Reddcoin is going to the top, part 3 (conclusion)

Why Reddcoin is going to the top, part 3 (conclusion)
Firstly, my apologies to everyone who read the first two parts to this article...
… because at the end of part 2 I promised the final part the very next day. Life and work took over ‒ I'm sure many of you can sympathise ‒ but sorry for this late last instalment anyway. ;)
So... In part 1, I separated the top 20 altcoins on coinmarketcap into three groups:
- Currency coins - Anon currency coins - Decentralised something-or-other coins
... and provided some argument as to why all the coins in the group “Decentralised something-or-other coins” are going to grow slower than Reddcoin.
Part 2 focussed on anon currencies, and listed multiple obstacles that this type of cryptocurrency will face, which Reddcoin neatly sidesteps.
For the final part of this article, part 3, I am going to look at the “Currency coins” that share several of the top 20 places on coinmarketcap with Reddcoin, and then finish with a few thoughts about Reddcoin itself.
Blackcoin, Vericoin and Quark
You may wonder why I have grouped these three coins together under one sub-heading. Indeed, some readers may find this grouping offensive!
I have grouped these three projects together as they have all suffered from the same terminal problem: a severe breakdown within the community and nasty infighting.
Quarkcoin is the oldest of the three projects, and the least convincing in my opinion. When Quark was created it had little in the way of innovation, but one thing that did stand out was the way the dev launched into very aggressive attacks on other projects and on other people personally. It was extremely off-putting and embarrassing to watch. Quark did however manage to garner some support, in my view mainly due to mentions on the Keiser Report and other such broadcasts, but this is of course not what will bring a project lasting success.
Blackcoin appears to be a project with much more behind it than Quark. It has a range of activities on the go and a good dev team. But Blackcoin has suffered from some particularly unpleasant community infighting. Aside from this unfortunate development, it is also the case that the team has put work into seemingly clever features, such as Blackhalo, that may in fact be far from the “killer apps” that will really convince people to invest in the Blackcoin project in particular. And just like Darkwallet renders a core premise of the anon currency projects obsolete, Blackhalo shares exactly the same smart contract functionality as Bithalo, meaning that holders of Bitcoin looking for this functionality alone have no need to look elsewhere.
The Vericoin team looked like they had the communication aspect well-managed when they launched a series of Google hangouts to explain their project. While this caused a spike of interest it also sadly seemed to attract a range of dubious attention, leading to all kinds of controversy playing out on that most entertaining of forums, Bitcointalk. And then, of course, there was the Mintpal hack and the blockchain roll-back, and since that time, whether fair or not, it has been impossible for Vericoin to claw back its reputation. (As a side note, I for one applaud the devs in their decision to roll back the blockchain after the theft of 1/3 of all Vericoins in existence. I believe that in principle being able to thwart theft in this way is a positive thing, and that given the technology the possibility of a case serious enough to warrant action will always exist.)
Litecoin and Peercoin
While Peercoin pioneered Proof-of-Stake, something we are of course extremely grateful for, the project appears to have made little headway in terms of continuing ground-breaking achievements following its launch 2 years ago. This distinct lack of development has resulted in a steady decline in price since the beginning of 2014.
Litecoin suffers from the same stagnation as Peercoin. Of course Litecoin ushered in the era of scrypt mining, again a ground-breaking advance in its day, but while cryptocurrency enthusiasts are now practically unanimous in agreeing that a successful cryptocurrency project cannot be based on scrypt mining alone (due to the advent of scrypt ASICS and the fact that the Proof-of-Work algorithm wastes immense amounts of energy) the Litecoin project has not adapted in any way to accommodate this advance in understanding. Recently cracks have appeared in the market; investors have been taking flight from Litecoin and the process shows no signs of abating.
Last but not least, let's look at the coin that gets compared most often to Reddcoin – Dogecoin!
I believe Dogecoin had perhaps the biggest chance to win the ultimate altcoin prize: to make it into mainstream use. This is what all altcoins aspire to, and through a combination of creative, gung-ho marketing and a healthy dose of right-place/right-time luck, Dogecoin was propelled close to a point where it could have escaped the gravity that seems to pull on all cryptocurrency...
But alas Doge has not been able to achieve orbit, a necessary stage before Moon travel is possible! And I have a theory as to why this is the case.
When I first heard about Dogecoin there were several times when I was close to becoming a “shibe”, but I never quite managed to become involved. I couldn't get around the whole joke part of it, and the fact that people didn't just buy and use the coin; they also adopted shibe personalities and philosophies. Each to their own, live and let live, but for me this was a red flag. I always had the feeling Doge was a flash in the pan, a kind of craze...
It is true that there were and still are associations with charities and events, and all this kind of activity is of course laudable, but ironically the strain of virality that made Dogecoin soar is the strain fuelled by pure satire, humour, “jokiness”... but facetiousness is quite clearly the antithesis of money. I see money itself as quite straight and boring – it is simply a tool – and I believe that deep down, people won't trust any digital money that looks too wacky or exotic. The network has to be serious and straight enough that you could imagine everyone using it.
No-one really wants "funny money"!
Which brings me to Reddcoin!
So why do I think Reddcoin has the best chance of success? For me to be able to explain my ideas fully will require another article at least as long as this one! But I will put some of the core reasons down here as bullet points:
I will finish off this article with a promise of more to come. I believe it would be extremely beneficial to the community to have an understanding of what is really being created, of the network that is coming into existence. In my view what is really happening, above and beyond the adoption of a new currency, is the natural founding of a unique organisation – a kind of open-source company – with a community of ultra-early adopters and alpha-testers, who are also still currently going through a phase of awakening and of vision-forming: learning to see the real potential of the project.
But as a last word I would like to repeat how impressed I am with the Reddcoin team. The devs and the moderators continue to make relevant, enthusiastic and intelligent contributions to the forum on a daily basis, and I have yet to read any of them latching on to price movements as if they make an important topic of discussion. I cannot stress how reassuring this is. I have seen so many other devs that at first appear devoted to building interesting technology, lose their cool and stress out about price movements like they are the thing that will make or break a project. When devs start obsessing with price it guts the very soul of a project.
So continue just as you are, devs: obsessed with innovation and building a great and powerful network over and above all else!
(Every idea expressed in the above article is my own, and I am not expressing any kind of official viewpoint or speaking directly for the core Reddcoin team. I am interested in cryptocurrency generally and I apologise for any offence I may cause when discussing other projects. This article is short and necessarily limited to an overview, an overview that I claim entirely as my own.)
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Want a Dogecoin Poker Chip?

I run a site called it isn't a gambling site, it's a marketplace for amazingly high quality poker chips. The chips have custom designs and logos for over 20+ different crypto currencies. And can be purchased and paid for using crypto directly on the website.
Price: $3 USD (in crypto only)
I currently offer free shipping within the USA, and for international orders the shipping is usually under $3 USD!
Chip Details
How to order
Ordering can be done on the site directly.
  1. Choose the style of chip you want and set the quantity on each.
  2. Press the "Buy" button.
  3. Select payment type. (Reddcoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin)
  4. Confirm and update any quantities for the different styles.
  5. Press the "Check Out" button.
  6. Enter your shipping information
  7. Press the "Complete Order" button.
  8. Pay the specified amount to the unique address provided to you. (Payments require 4 confirmations)
  9. Save the status link so you can come back later and see when it ships.
  10. Enjoy your new poker chips!
International orders
Most international orders of 4 or less chips can be shipped for about $3 USD. If you would like to order you can follow the same steps as in the "How to order" section, but instead of putting your address in the address fields, put "INTERNATIONAL" and then then put your address in the notes section.
For international orders of more than 4 chips please use the contact link on the purchase page. We can work out the pricing over email. Or PM me on reddit yakpimp
Chip Styles
. . .
Dogecoin Darkcoin Reddcoin
Vertcoin Blackcoin Quarkcoin
Litecoin Razorcoin Nextcoin
Bitcoin Reddit Vericoin
Poker Shibe Nautilus Pinkcoin
Lunar Shibe Unobtanium Syscoin
Rocket Shibe Viacoin IOCoin
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Proof of Stake and Peercoin's Historic Significance

Bitcoin, Namecoin, and Peercoin are first attempts at solutions to important, long-standing problems. Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency. Long before bitcoin existed, people believed that the problem of decentralized cryptocurrency was important.
Namecoin, as far as I know, is the first decentralized DNS system. Again, long before namecoin existed, people hoped for a decentralized DNS system.
Peercoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency based on proof-of-stake. Peercoin's inspiration is the 'tragedy of the commons' associated with PoW mining. The 'tragedy of the commons' problem in mining has a history dating back to this thread in Nov 2010. People began searching for a solution before peercoin existed and before the term of proof-of-stake had been coined.
When I found out about bitcoin (March 2011), it sounded awesome to me. Proof of stake was not a term yet. In April 2011, I became aware of the the tragedy of the commons problem. I saw it as a nail in bitcoin's coffin and I still see it this way.
Discovering proof-of-stake got me excited again. The beauty of PoS is that it does not require miner rewards to function. With proof-of-stake, the tragedy of the commons doomsday scenario becomes a non-issue. Sure they may be no txn fees, but so what? If you are using PoS this is a great feature. If you are using PoW low fees are a showstopping bug. Once I learned about proof of stake, I saw possibilities: 1) Bitcoin adopts proof-of-stake (or some other rule-breaking alternative) and remains dominant in the long-term. 2) An altcoin adopts proof-of-stake and remains dominant in the long-term. Personally, I see exit to a new cryptocurrency as much more likely. The political challenges of rule-breaking changes in bitcoin are just too daunting. If you need to rewrite the rules, starting from scratch can be a valuable asset.
Today, few people understand that the proof-of-stake idea came out of the debate about the tragedy of the commons problem. If you haven't done so already, I recommend reading one of the most influential threads in the history of bitcoin talk: the tragedy of the commmons thread by Vandroiy. Vandroiy's thread attracted a lot of interest, but did not really make any progress towards a solution for two months. Things changed when Quantum Mechanic posted the thread "proof of stake instead of proof of work" ( Quantum's thread is the first instance of the term 'proof of stake' in the bitcoin community. It may be the genesis of the concept as well. Quantum suggests that proof of stake could allow for lower txn fees. Quantum's concept of proof of stake starts to gain traction once it appears in Vandroiy's thread. Quickly, Vandroiy, Meni, myself, and others realize that proof-of-stake is the likely solution to the tragedy of the commons problem. From this point on, I make it a personal mission to promote proof-of-stake cryptocurrency.
To date, proof-of-stake remains the only proposed solution to the tragedy of the commons problem. With peercoin's arrival in Aug 2012, we have seen this solution realized. Bitcoin devs have spent three years searching or an alternative answer, but have yet to even propose anything.
The tragedy of the commons problem matters. Gavin has often said that a working market for txn fees is perhaps bitcoin's most pressing development issue. This is just a different (and less dramatic) way of referring to the tragedy of the commons problem. Game theory I learned in school told me that bitcoin has 0% chance of remaining valuable in the long-term unless the problem is fixed. If bitcoin can't be valuable in say... march 2050, then why would it be valuable in february 2050? Working backward to the present, the implication is that bitcoin's value depends on faith that this will get sorted out.
Freicoin and Primecoin also solve novel problems, so they deserve credit too. However, very few people see the motivating problems behind Freicoin and Primecoin as important. The tragedy of the commons problem, on the other hand, is one of bitcoin's most important lingering issues. For the past 2 1/2 years, I've viewed this problem as the number one threat to bitcoin's survival.
tl;dr Peercoin offers the first solution to one of bitcoin's most important problems. Can you tell a similar story about the intellectual contribution of litecoin, Quarkcoin, [Insert Scamcoin name here], etc.? Even if Peercoin gets replaced by something else and loses all value, it will still have made history. Nothing can change that. Very few coins can say the same.
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Thanks a lot Kolin Evans...

$3000 could have bought approximately 30,000 Darkcoins in late January/early February 2014
Later in 2014 that $3000 would become roughly $300,000
$300,000 would have been invested into Ripple and later would become $900,000.
After capital gains tax it would have been only about $300,000 but hey, who cares, if the intial investment was only $3000
Later in 2015, that $300,000 would have bought a very large number of Ethereum.
Today that $300,000 would now be around $4,000,000 or maybe more - if the price of ETH keeps doing what I think it will do then that $4,000,000 might end up being $8,000,000 or maybe even $12,000,000.
Thanks Kolin Evans for encouraging me to put that $3000 into Quarkcoin - and losing about 95% of the investment, plus the fear that prevented me from investing $3000 again in Ethereum last year that would be worth at least $30,000 and would have helped me more than you will ever know.
What did you do with that $3000 Kolin? Did you buy some Bitcoin with it? Did you buy some cheap Darkcoin and make out like a bandit? How did YOU invest the money you scammed out of all those you convinced to invest in "the next Bitcoin" and lost everything they had? What about those other dead coin projects that you resurrected for your own benefit?
People know about you. It's time you came out and offered a sincere apology.
We are all waiting for you to come out and just say sorry for how you deceived us all. We are just ordinary people trying to get ahead so we can help our families and improve things in our lives, just to make the little of what we have a bit better.
We don't expect you to have the guts to apologise, but we'd be so grateful if you just said two words and you know what those words are.
So gather up the courage and tell us you are sorry. That's all we really want to hear. We are not asking for our money back. I'm not asking you to write me a cheque for millions of dollars.
I'm just asking you to apologise. I know you can do that. And you only have to do it once and only once. That would be enough for myself and for those who were taken for fools.
To quote Bill Frankston:
"I've been to Paris once but I've never kissed a fool".
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Welcome Thunderclappers!
Quark evolves the electronic payment process with two key features - it is Faster and more Secure than Bitcoin!
By now you may have heard of Bitcoin - it is an electronic store of value that is limited in quantity, and is able to be used as a mean of electronic payment.
Quark is a digital payment system based on the Bitcoin code, but with key upgrades in its technology. These innovations will allow it to serve its users needs in a rapidly emerging marketplace that uses digital money or “cryptocurrency”. Digital money is revolutionizing money transfer - in the same way that e-mail revolutionized the way we communicate. Digital money allows us to pay worldwide in a safe and secure manner with minimal fees and without a need for a currency exchange. Importantly, Quark and other digital money is being rapidly adopted into online stores, and will be soon available in traditional stores through payment providers like Moolah (
Quark transfers in a blink and is safe by its technical design:
Faster - The Quark network can create payment confirmations starting within 30s; by comparison, the bitcoin network takes approximately 10 minutes to create its first payment transfer confirmation.
Secure - Quark builds on Bitcoins' already robust security by taking its base encryption algorithm and adds 9 rounds of encryption.
The Quark Community is ecstatic that you have chosen to JoinUs and is announcing two breaking news stories:
1) Quark Announces a Partnership with the Innovative Development Team behind Shaq-Fu: The Legend Reborn - Quark to be offered as a Means of In-Game Payment! Additionally, through our Support, Quark will be Introduced to 8.2 Million Shaquille O'Neal Fans!
The Quark Community proudly announces a partnership with the talented and innovative game developers behind the upcoming crowdfunded game Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn (! Our group is extremely pleased to announce that we will be working closely with the developers to enable Quark as an in-game payment option! Our group looks forward to a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with the great people behind this game. Additionally, we are very excited that as a result of our support to the game, we will be introduced via twitter to 8.2 million Shaquille O’Neal fans, with an accompanying YouTube video! The Quark Community looks forward to meeting Mr. O’Neal’s fans and hopes that they will join us in Reinventing Money together.
Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn is a remake of a classic 1990’s beatem-up video game featuring none other than future Hall of Fame NBA Center Shaquille O’Neal in an epic battle of physical prowess against hordes of evil-doers. The current development team is out to re-design everything utilizing modern technology and gameplay dynamics - should be awesome!
The Fu is strong with this one - Shaq recently threw the gauntlet at Kung-Fu legend Bruce Lee - we look forward to seeing the coming showdown hopefully in-game!
2) Quark Digital Money Partners with Moolah to provide Fast and Secure In-store and Online Payment Solutions!
The Quark community is ecstatic to partner with Moolah, which is an emerging leader among cryptocurrency payment platforms. They offer a full service payment platform, which allows for: - Direct USD to digital money (cryptocurrency) exchange - Merchant cryptocurrency payment portals - online and in store (in progress) The feature that Quark is especially excited about is their upcoming in store point of service payment devices. The Quark community believes that Quark is the perfect partner for this technology due to its inherent speed - with Quark, it will be possible to transfer payment and get initial confirmations within 30s instead of the minimum 10 minutes that Bitcoin needs. This will allow for in store payment for everything from small purchases like coffee, to large ticket items like furniture and home theatre merchandise in a Fast, and Secure way. Additionally - if you're a merchant, charity organization or anyone else, and want to accept Quark and any other cryptocurrencies as payment with direct conversion to USD, please get in contact with Moolah.
In Partnership with Moolah, Euro/Quark and GBP/Quark will be upcoming, so that Europeans will be able to participate in this exciting new service.
Other services offered by Moolah:
Prelude - Exchange services are offered allowing for direct exchange of USD/Quark as well for other cryptocurrencies! Exchange between cryptocurrencies at Prelude in a highly secure manner, with a company that has proven dedicated to building trust through transparency of practice.
Digipay - Web browser extensions which allow for the use of cryptocurrencies on major websites like Amazon!
MitM - Escrow services for those times when both sides need absolute certainty to protect their investment.
We are proud and very excited to team with Moolah and hope to establish a strong and rewarding relationship. Please show your support and learn about this rapidly developing leader in cryptocurrency payments here:
Quark in the Media:
Wall Street Journal:
Fox Business News:
BTC38 News:

JoinUs by:

1. Join our reddit group, quark forum or bitcointalk thread and feel free to ask any questions or get involved with our community initiatives!
Important initiatives:
i) Quark Labs! -
A brainpool of creatives who work on visuals and promotional material. Come to our reddit and ask to join!
ii) Quark Universe! A collaboration of Quark community members on the IRC - Whose mission is to bring in new Quark supporters, answer all
Quark related questions, provide people with information, support new projects, and help with Quark distribution. These guys have put a tremendous effort into creating how-to tutorials and have frequent Quark giveaways! Available on the IRC! Website and IRC access to Quark Universe can be found at:
iii) Quark 1000! - Partner with Quark and help to organize and contribute to a great cause or charity organization! Contact GettinQuarky for details!
iv) Quark Planet! -
Started out as a small planning bulletin board for a comprehensive website for ALL Quark related info in support of ( including video library, Ticker, Links, News feed, yellow pages etc)--Now evolved into a full scale collaborative effort of Quark Community members on many Quark Projects--Collaboration with Quark Universe is underway!
v) Quark Roar -
A Chinese Quark Press/Information platform which gathers all the talented and devoted Quarkers- Together we will bring the best information about Quark to the billions Chinese speaking audience around the world.
2. Download the wallet for PC, Mac or Android!
Getting started page here:
Windows Wallet:
Mac Wallet:
Android Quark Wallet(beta)
3. Visit our Exchange website here in order to find an exchange for more Quark and see tutorials!
Major Exchanges:
Quark - USD Moolah - Prelude Quark - CNY BTC38 Quark - Euro LiteBit Quark - Pounds Bittylicious
Quark - BTC BTER Quark - LTC Cryptsy
4. Use Quark to make Fast and Secure payments with no transfer fees to all of the great merchants listed here and check out moolah too:
5. Accept Quark donations for your charity organization with our easy to integrate widget here!
6. Donate to Quark Foundation to help support infrastructure development!
● QLrpaRNv6r6VNEy1GENiHwAtmX9T51MBrt
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Other ways to support Quark. Support our Friends!
One of the true pioneers in their support of Quark is the company All Things Luxury, which is a well established online retailer that has been a huge proponent of cryptocurrencies. In their own words:
“All Things Luxury carries a vast selection of jewelry, precious metals and other products. We are a well established website and business that receives a significant amount of traffic and we are a leader in getting our fellow businesses to accept Crypto currencies as an alternative form of payment. Likewise, we will be pushing for our peers to now accept Quarkcoin.”
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Dogecoin Physical Tokens... Only 3 bucks!

I run a site called it isn't a gambling site, it's a marketplace for amazingly high quality chips like the ones in Vegas. The chips have custom designs and logos for over 20+ different crypto currencies. And can be purchased and paid for using crypto directly on the website.
Price: $3 USD (in crypto only)
I currently offer free shipping within the USA, and for international orders the shipping is usually under $3 USD!
Chip Details
How to order
Ordering can be done on the site directly.
  1. Choose the style of chip you want and set the quantity on each.
  2. Press the "Buy" button.
  3. Select payment type. (Reddcoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin)
  4. Confirm and update any quantities for the different styles.
  5. Press the "Check Out" button.
  6. Enter your shipping information
  7. Press the "Complete Order" button.
  8. Pay the specified amount to the unique address provided to you. (Payments require 4 confirmations)
  9. Save the status link so you can come back later and see when it ships.
  10. Enjoy your new chips!
International orders
Most international orders of 4 or less chips can be shipped for about $3 USD. If you would like to order you can follow the same steps as in the "How to order" section, but instead of putting your address in the address fields, put "INTERNATIONAL" and then then put your address in the notes section.
For international orders of more than 4 chips please use the contact link on the purchase page. We can work out the pricing over email. Or PM me on reddit yakpimp
Chip Styles
. . .
Dogecoin Darkcoin Reddcoin
Vertcoin Blackcoin Quarkcoin
Litecoin Razorcoin Nextcoin
Bitcoin Reddit Vericoin
Pker Shibe Nautilus Pinkcoin
Lunar Shibe Unobtanium Syscoin
Rocket Shibe Viacoin IOCoin
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A List of Coins People Find Suspicious | Welcome to the Nigerian Scam 2.0: Mastercoin, Nxt, Ripple (December 25th 2013)

December 25th, 2013
Ripple, Mastercoin, and Nxt all claimed to be Bitcoin-2.0. All are ranked top immediately due to their total circulation numbers or inflated price. Ripple ranked #2, Mastercoin #4, and Nxt #6 as indicated on . It is pretty hilarious to see each subreddit supporters for these coins calling one another scamcoin. Well, guess what, they are either being suspicious or outright scamcoins. Also, check out Mastercoin's pre-sale exodus address of of 5,120.6 BTC.
It is a sad day for crypocurrencies. Alternate source without those three: , however it still has scamcoins listed there (e.g. Quark, Protoshares, Mega, Novacoin, etc.). I will recommend a better listing if one comes around. Anyway I will change the format and will update the list daily/weekly and put it sticky. The full incomplete list is below:
Before going with the list, PLEASE READ THIS GUIDELINE I wrote to have an understanding about scamcoins' common traits:
1) Africoin discussion: assessment:
2) Quarkcoin discussion: /quarkcoin
Reason: 98% or more already mined or pre-mined. 245,673,985 already in circulation since July 21, 2013 based on Great for pump and dump. On bitcointalk's release page discussion: "Total of 247 million QRK will be mined in ~ 6 months, after that ~ 1 million QRK p.a. (~ 0.5% p.a inflation)"
Auditing reveals:30.26% of all Quarks owned by 27 wallets. Source:
Regarding Quarkcoin's development team:
3) Novacoin discussion:
Reason: pre-mined /novacoin
Total shares: 504,839 NVC, price at $21.48 a share ! . Rumors has it the creators mined most of the coin and hold about 90% shares.
From here, check out this line "There have been claims that over 200.000 coins were premined by the developer. The developer has claimed that only 60.000 coins have been premined but apparently BTC-e admitted that they got 100.000 coins to accept this currency on their exchange"
4) Ripple /ripplers
Reasons: tokens/money without mining, centralized system. It goes against the ideas of most crypto currencies stood for.
5) Megacoin /megacoin 28% or more than 1/4 of total current shares are pre-mined Discussion :
7) Orbitcoin
8) LotteryTickets
9) Mastercoin pre-sale period of 5,120.6 BTC. blockhain address /mastercoin (discussion: )
10) HobboNickels
11)Infinitecoin /infinitecoin
13)Q-coin : proposal phase
14)LightCoin : LiteCoin clone. Vague to-do list.
15) ScamCoin: no website, no launch day ready. Emptied promises.
16) Nxt Coin , also
17) SexCoin: pumped up 1200% on debut on coinmarketcap and then being dumped
18) FlorinCoin: pumped and dump
19) BitBar
20)YaCoin: /yacoin extreme low difficulty for instamine, disproportionate coins holding of 35% total coins are held by 20 wallets
21)EarthCoin pre-mined 270 million coins. discussion
22) Colossus Coin
23) StableCoin -- the coin that is unstable. Premining history. Dev disappeared a few months, promised mixing service, and while waiting for the update, larger holders dumped and flooded the market and tanked the price.
24)GoldCoin: pre-mining history. Got hardforked
25) CatCoin: one meme too many. broken launch. vanilla litecoin clone
26) InternetPeso: this is not even a coin, just QR code branded as tangible currency with user-generated value.
27)eMunnie: next generation scam has arrived
28)DimeCoin: pre-mined 8% of 460 billion coins Release page:;all
29) MoonCoin : pre-mining accusation. total circulation 384.4 billions, on release page denied premined but states "MoonCoin is a premined SCAM with over 500+ blocks premined since the start. Im sorry but this pool isnt going to mine it. The first block of mooncoin is at 1388427134 ( Mon, 30 Dec 2013 18:12:14 GMT ) , 30 minutes earlier than anyone got access to source and / or wallet. Multipool shouldve established block #1 and stopped mining and/or not have any downtime while the coin is launched. ITS A FUCKING PREMINE SCAM COIN"
30) VisaCoin: Barring legal threat from the real Visa company, It is pre-sale nearly 80BTC with outlandish claims and nonexistence source codes.
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A List of Coins People Find Suspicious | February Edition, 2014

Dubious Agenda:
To be updated
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China LOVES Quark!

If you look at the huge volumes of Quark trades on BTC38 it becomes clear that the Chinese crypto enthusiasts absolutely LOVE Quark - even more than Bitcoin :
There was a lot of trading on Cryptsy and BTER, but nowhere as close as 6mln QRK in 3 hours. The big question then is where did such a volume of Quarks come from? I suspect that a lot of those 6mln QRK came from the famous Quark Wallet , which is probably why it was created.
Any activity that disseminates Quarks to the broader masses, is commendable in my book! (even if they make a nice profit while doing it)
UPDATE: I'm recording these numbers for the purpose of history and reference later on
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Here are some common myths about Quarkcoin. The facts are presented below the myths.
Myth: Quarkcoin is a scamcoin
Fact: Even though a very large number of coins (247 million) were mined over a relatively short time frame, there were absolutely no premined Quarkcoins. Anyone who claims that Quarkcoin is a scamcoin could easily make the same claims about Bitcoin too, since a very small number of miners took advantage of the early opportunities to mine relatively huge numbers of coins before it eventually became extremely difficult for others to do so. Neither Bitcoin or Quarkcoin are scamcoins. Their mining and block reward systems may differ in many ways, however, they are both valid and extremely secure cryptocurrencies that, should they be adopted, will eventually serve the same purpose within differing scales of market.
Myth: Quarkcoin is not distributed fairly
Fact: Some of the early miners have very large wallets, for sure. But the same can be said of Bitcoin. The early miners had a clear advantage there, too. You could, in fact, say the same thing about the majority of cryptocurrencies. The early bird gets the worm. Life is not fair, and neither are virtually all cryptocurrencies. If you want to buy these coins instead of mining them, as is the case with Bitcoin and Litecoin, then that is possible too. If you don't want to mine then, you can buy them.
Myth: Bitcoin is the most secure cryptocurrency.
Fact: Because Bitcoin uses the same basic global ledger database known as the blockchain, and that the same blockchain is shared amongst thousands of globally connected network peers, it is extremely secure. Bitcoin uses SHA256 to perform it's hashing functions, and uses a single hashing algorithm, which is far more secure than most banking security systems. However, it is not the most secure system. There are more secure systems in place. A Quarkcoin transaction is more secure than Bitcoin because it uses a deeper hashing system. Quarkcoin uses 9 hashes, and 3 of those hashes are from a randomly chosen hashing function.
Myth: Quarkcoin is a useless cryptocurrency which provides no more tangible benefit than Bitcoin to those who would want to use cryptocurrencies into the future.
Fact: Quarkcoin uses an improved economic model for mining coins, whereby inflation is kept very stable by first creating a large number of coins, then slowly drip feeding more coins into the system. Quarkcoin is very useful in that the transaction speeds are considerably faster than Bitcoin, which can take much longer especially if many confirmations are required before the other person accepts the transaction. Transactions are confirmed approximately every 30-40 seconds. That is much faster than Bitcoin, where transactions are usually confirmed about every 10 minutes.
Myth: Quarkcoin has a very low mining block reward and this will ruin any chances of Quarkcoin ever reaching mainstream acceptance.
Fact: Bitcoin had a very low mining reward, back in 2009 and 2010, if you are measuring the reward in fiat based currencies such as the US Dollar. Bitcoins were virtually worthless in 2009, and people were practically giving them away. There was a brief mention of someone sending 5000 bitcoins to a fellow Final Fantasy player. Quarkcoin may seem like it's not worth mining or bothering with right now, but the same could have been said about Bitcoin back in 2009 and 2010. These things are not set in stone, and they could quickly change.
Myth: Quarkcoin is not all that popular and will never be adopted.
Fact: Bitcoin was not that popular in 2009 or 2010, before large numbers of people became involved. Bitcoin, much like Quarkcoin now, was virtually worthless during much of that time frame, even though it experienced massive price spikes, since it was not all that popular. But time changes everything, at least it did with Bitcoin, and it's likely to do the same with Quarkcoin. For a fact, Bitcoin is not widely adopted by the public - yet...It may be adopted, it may not. The same applies to Quarkcoin. It may be adopted, it may not. It's still a valid cryptocurrency, whether it's popular or not. Popularity is a separate aspect that has little to do with the merits of a cryptocurrency.
Neither Bitcoin nor Quarkcoin are widely accepted by the public, so you could consider neither of them truly popular. However, that can always change. And when it does change, these myths about cryptocurrencies will be seen in clear light as the false claims that they are.
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Distribution Distribution is Quarkcoin's strong point, although some will argue the opposite. Since Quark Coins were mined by CPU only, it was done by individuals at home numbering in the 1,000's (link) as opposed to Bitcoins being mined by very few. The focus of the platform is security, speed, and simplicity. The main trading pair for Quark on this exchange is XRP or Ripple. It also offers Bitcoin & Ethereum trading pairs as well. Based in Singapore, it also has offices in Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and the USA. QuarkCoin Home Quarkcoin vs. Bitcoin How to Buy Quark Coin Quark Mining Guide Wollen Sie wissen, wie viel Bitcoin 1 QuarkChain ist? 1 QKC zu BTC Rechner: Wechselkurs-Preis. Hier können Sie die Börsen überprüfen, an denen Sie mit QuarkChain zu BTC Paaren handeln können. Bitcoin Cash. BCH--Ethereum. ETH--Ethereum Classic. ETC--Litecoin. LTC--0x. ZRX--Alle anzeigen. Dieser Inhalt wird Ihnen nur zu Informationszwecken bereitgestellt. Der Inhalt wurde von Drittanbietern erstellt, die nicht mit Coinbase Inc oder seinen Partnern verbunden sind, und Coinbase ist nicht für den Inhalt verantwortlich. Dieser Inhalt und alle darin enthaltenen Informationen stellen ... Quarkcoin Exchanges. Quark vs. Bitcoin. We all know Bitcoin, but what about Quarkchain? A good primer on Quark vs. Bitcoin. What is QuarkChain? Quark is a peer-to-peer digital currency with big ambitions to achieve 1,000,000 transactions per second through sharding technology, making it achieve the highest throughput TPS in the current blockchain space. Not only that Quark is ASIC-resistant ...

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Bitcoin & Crypto 3,065 views. 6:23. How To Insert Image Into Another Image Using Microsoft Word - Duration: 14:13. Recipes Recommended for you. 14:13. I Bought a $3 2TB USB Drive and Got More Than ... In this video I try to address some common questions that people are asking me about Quarkcoin. NOTICE I do not endorse this coin, this video is only to respond to questions with factual ... In this video, I present to you a tutorial on how to get the official quarkcoin wallet. Twitter: ... Bitcoin Hardware Wallets For 2015 Reviewed - Duration: 13:32. Crypto Talk 70,765 views. 13:32. How to Start Mining Quarkcoins - CPU Mining Quarks the Super Simple Guide - Duration: 7:44. ... How to increase your Quarkcoins for free...